Double Learning

Experts and Background Research

Double Learning


Humans, Machines and Inclusivity in the AI Sphere

by Mey Seifan/ Tanween company in collaboration with studio slowfuture

24 and 25.02.2024 at the Alte Münze – Berlin

In the performative installation and panel, “Double Learning,” set against the backdrop of Berlin’s multicultural landscape, Mey Seifan/ Tanween company in collaboration with studio slowfuture explore the intersection of diverse canons and technology within the AI sphere. The installation and conference aims to redefine discourse through AI driven interviews conducted with international experts from the Global South, eliminating the contextual constraints of identity and challenging AI’s built-in discriminatory biases. By scrutinizing the impact of identity-centric discussions on the essence of dialogue, the project questions the longevity and authenticity of marginalized narratives in the cultural canon.

In the midst of this exploration, we highlight the dynamic interplay of performative elements, showcasing a diverse range of performers who bring a variety of movement languages to the space. Our investigation examines the exciting relationship between the human body and AI scanning, challenging stereotypes and inviting the audience to consider the question: Can we provoke a response that disrupts the algorithms?


“Double Learning” Humans, Machines and Inclusivity in the AI Sphere

a panel discussion on the performative installation exploring AI and bias

Sunday 11:00 am – 1:30 pm

**Access to our panel discussion is limited, therefore pre-registration is recommended and free of charge! Reserve your spot under:…/double-learning-humans…


Alte Münze (Produktion Halle 4)

Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin


concept and choreography: Mey Seifan

dramaturgy and research: Ziad Adwan

assistanz: Layal Seifan

social Media: Chimen Medlej

camera by: Mouna Assali

photography: Anna Banout

DGS Translation: Claudia Macht


Gizem Akman, Noura Amin, Amr Karkout, Sonia Levin, Silvia Remigio, Ashley Temba.

Interviewed experts for the research/ installation:

Sulafa Hijazi, Milagrous Miceli, Alaa Rashidi, Dr. Maxine Room, Dr. Ali Souleman and Konstantin Youdenko.

Moderator: Dr. Ziad Adwan

Studio slowfuture:

Basel Naouri – executive creative director

Eric Hillenbrand – Concept development & Documentation

Sohrab Samsam – Creative Coding & Interaction design

Khaleel Kamal – AI tool development

Daksh Jain – Sound Design


Stephan Günzel – Professor of Media Theory at the University of Applied Sciences Europe

Khalil Kamal – Computational Neuroscientist working on Artificial Intelligence research

Sulafa Hijazi – Director and interdisciplinary Artist

Anna Kraher – Researcher working at the intersection of artificial intelligence, data justice and the speculation about just futures.


Emily Smith – Educator, researcher and exhibition-maker

The event is being interpreted into sign language from English.

Website: /


instagram: we.are.tanween

For more information about MANIFEST:IO please visit the following link:

“Double Learning” Humans, Machines and Inclusivity in the AI Sphere is Funded by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion

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