Please Repeat After Me

Please Repeat after me

‘I have millions of reasons to be crazy, give me one reason to be sane!’

Through designing mistakes that look real on stage, Please, Repeat after me, provokes several topics: representing identity on stage, theatre tradition, relationship to the audience, and the imbalance of power between cultures. it is a drama about decision making, mistakes making and labels.

The play pretends to represent ‘real’ testimonies about ‘real’ incidents told by ‘real’ refugees. At times, when anything can happen, anything can be real, and any stereotype is accepted, myths are written. Was the whole representation a mistake?

When does the stereotype stop being a stereotype?

When does the refugee stop being a refugee?

When does the actor stop being an actor?



Written and directed by Ziad Adwan


Atilla Akinci

Gizem Akman

Shadi Ali

Selin Kavak

Enad Marouf

Hussein Shatheli

Ziad Adwan

Set Design: Theresa Scheitzenhammer

Light Design: Reiner Ludwig

Music: Youmni Abou Al Zahab

Choreography: Mey Seifan

Production Manager: Theresa Maria Schlichtherle


Stipendium: Kulturreferat Muenchen Theater Projektfoerderung


Special thanks Sulafa Hijazi Tammam Azzam, Wadeea Ferzly, Hazem Saleh


Please, Repeat after me follows a theoretical research on mistakes and making mistakes in theatre, an exploration that started with the play Meanwhile, a play about the representation of folk authentic performances to foreign audience. It is also based on a PhD thesis which Ziad Adwan obtained in 2008 at Royal Holloway University of London on Mistakes and Making Mistakes in Cultural Performances.

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